The Art of Change: The Reckoning

The Art Of Change Beyond excited to be part of the team for The Reckoning with The Art Of Change team!

We are going to be travelling across the country, visiting Liverpool, Manchester, Leicester, Sheffield and London. But before we go on tour we are doing a workshop of the production at the Iris Theatre in Covent Garden on May 4th. This will give us the space to rehearse the production and figure out if anything needs changing. We then hope to be able to reach even more venues once we have some images and photos from the workshop performance.

Your Support:
Your support will ensure that we are able to get the first phase of workshops off the ground. Your donation will help to fund, but not exclusive to: set/props, costume, stage manager, song composition, designer, and rehearsal venue. (Don’t forget the tea & biscuits!)

If you can help support us in this project, we’d be so grateful. We’ve got a fundraising page here – any assistance is hugely appreciated!

The Art of Change, launched in 2017, is a dynamic team of artists and project managers who are committed to bringing life to the often-neglected medium of art song. We use art song to bring a new perspective to current and historical socio-political events.
The Reckoning:
Our new political play THE RECKONING, written by Lila Palmer, combines dialogue with existing art songs, folk songs, and newly written songs, by composers Eve Harrison and Ella Jarman-Pinto. The piece covers three historic eras through the eyes of four women: the leveller Elizabeth Lilburne, the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, and two fictional modern MPs, interweaving their stories to explore how the voices of women have been heard over time. ​